Our Story

We are a husband and wife team who have long been thinking, dreaming and praying about how to combine our creative gifts in a business that brings joy to us and to others. Scott is a carpenter. Heidi is a former graphic artist. In 2016, part experiment, part side venture to our two full time jobs, we took a small step into the retail world by leasing a space at our favorite local antique mall. We absolutely loved the process of collecting, repurposing, and showcasing our vintage finds. Even more, we loved doing that together!

In 2017, we decided to take our new passion to the next level by opening our very own “Whisper Me Home” retail store, featuring a unique blend of new and vintage goods, gifts, and home décor. When we first saw the beautiful space at 48 South La Grange Road (La Grange, IL), we just felt that it was meant for us and that surely it was time to take that leap of faith! And so we started living into that dream.

Like many of you, there’s nothing we love more than spending time with family and friends. That is our real heart. And so it only seemed fitting that our dream business would focus on home and hospitality. Ultimately, we hope that our customers will be delighted and inspired by their shopping experience and the treasures they find at Whisper Me Home!

What's in a Name

When we first ventured into the vintage goods arena, the name Whisper Me Home seemed a perfect nod to the experience of seeing something that immediately takes you back to another place or time. A serving dish just like Grandma used to have. A toy you played with as a child. A book that once had significant meaning. It’s amazing how seeing one-little-something from the past can trigger a flood of memories…like a whisper in the ear…reminding us about a time of life gone by.

Now with the opening of our own retail shop, the name takes on an added level of meaning. We don’t have to buy big things to make big impact. Sometimes a whisper speaks volumes, and a subtle detail (a pillow, a picture, a beautiful bowl) can bring warmth to a room and start conversations with friends.

Most importantly for us, the name Whisper Me Home recognizes that “still small voice” of God…the voice that we hope will guide us. A voice, like home, that we want to be at the center. We wish, sometimes, that His voice was louder and more direct, but that is truly the challenge. To listen. We pray that we have listened well!